Electronic cigarette: a useful gift

To stop smoking with cigarette electroniqueLe global success of the electronic cigarette owes nothing to chance and instead explained by two reasons quite objective . Firstly, and this is particularly important , vapoter e liquid is used , which, unlike smoking , presents no major health hazard!

Indeed, the liquid used is based on propylene glycol , an additive used for decades by the food industry as well as within the manufacturing nebulizers for asthma . The second reason is economic: vapoter is much cheaper than smoking, while providing pleasure as intense and more varied.

Choose an electronic cigarette is not complicated , supply declining broadly into three types of products. Disposable or semi- disposable models, which are very similar to ordinary cigarettes, generally cost less than five euros . A little more expensive models with a refillable cartridge is designed for use over time and are mostly at prices ranging from thirty to fifty euros.

Beyond this price range , the tank is larger battery has a longer battery life and the electronic cigarette is really a beautiful object that attracts by its technical features in its design.

The choice of liquid is wide. Indeed , the flavors are extremely varied , ranging from fruit to chocolate e liquid , through the liquid coffee or e liquid e rum ! It will be possible to find something for everyone , or what may be an interesting alternative as part of a gift, choose an assortment.

More specifically addressed to smoking e liquid containing nicotine and more or less faithfully reproduce the taste of tobacco may help those who want to quit smoking immediately and completely without renouncing their habits.

Electronic cigarette: Fragile careful!

It became the companion of former smokers but electronic cigarette, whatever the style, sometimes showing signs of weakness, if we do not pay attention to some details. So follow these tips to extend the life of your e-cigs.

Ladies, the electronic cigarette does not like to find in the depths of your huge handbags. Shaken, tossed in your movements, it will inevitably flee. To avoid soiling your beautiful brand bags (not to mention the smell to a not very nice e-liquid ), consider turning it off before storing (reminder: press the button five times, like to turn to again).

The heat is still waiting for you. It’s good for morale but not for e-cigs. The e-liquids do not like to be white-hot. In short, at the beach or a terrace, avoid putting your e-cig in full sun. it alters the taste of e-liquid, the general operation and reduces the life of the Clearomizer.

Do you fly? The e-cig has the airsickness. Pressure changes (cabin pressurization) are not good for these devices. Upon arrival, the liquid tends to leak even if the cigarette is in “off” mode. Tip: Do not fill before takeoff.

When replacing the 3 elements of an electronic cigarette, the temptation is to tighten up. False good idea! It is better instead let the game between the capsule and the battery and the cap and tip.